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"Odos Oniron" café jazz bar comes to seriously affect the musical scene of our town transferring guests in N.Orleans of a different epoch with the unforgettable representative of original jazz music Louis Armstrong...

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The traditional character, as well as, the Venetian nobility is reflected in "Odos Oniron" via an entirety of characteristics which are visible and sound even from the exterior surface of the buildings, such as the traditional balconies surrounded by colored strokes of the brush and the sweet smell of flowers.

One sound motivation in order to walk inside our suites & apartments is the "intoxicating" smell of the gardenia which signals the beginning of a journey to a different world which belongs to another epoch. During this "transfer" all the senses are completely satisfied by a unique way through the characteristics of functionality, luxuriousness and convenience.

The synthesis of luxuriousness consists of elements of particular elegance such as the unique wall style in tints of earth, the trunks of cypresses, the large old-fashioned four-poster beds, original antique, with white embroidered curtains & sheets, the fireplace in the sitting-room, luxurious in-suite bathroom with Jacuzzi. Additionally, many other dreamful details - luxurious materials and objects- complete the magnificence of elegance and prestige of the suites/apartments: musical instruments, stylish antique furniture and luxurious fabrics, all of which rise a exquisite spell stemmed from the epoch of Romantism.

Because of the fact that our cordial hospitality donates to our guests not only the sense of a fairytale , but also, that of convenience and functionality our suites/apartments provide all modern facilities, signaling the combination of different epochs, and a high-level aesthetics with outstanding facilities and functionality.


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